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waynestate's Journal

Students of Wayne State University
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

  • No solicitation unrelated to Wayne State or Midtown. Period.

  • No re-posts for at least one week. This goes not only for exact posts but reworded ones with the same point as well.

  • No quizzes or other memes, unless it is directly related to Wayne State.

  • Although you will not be censored, try to avoid inappropriate language.

  • Differing views and friendly debates are welcome. Slander, disrespectful comments and mud flinging are not.

  • This is a college community. We are all college students or alum. Let your posts reflect that.

Questions and Comments may be asked on this post.

Failure to uphold to any of these rules will result in:
Deleted posts.
Temporary loss of posting privileges.
Being banned.