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MSW class of 2012

I was recently accepted to Wayne's MSW program. I'm really glad to see an LJ community for Wayne because I definitely  used the LJ for my undergrad. I just wanted to introduce myself and see if there were any other social workers here. I do have a question though- in your experience, is it better to live on campus or off campus? I'll probably be on campus most days because I'm doing the 2 year program. I'm hesitant because my boyfriend lived on campus (DeRoy apartments) and overpaid for his tiny efficiency apartment. His apartment was not in good condition; there was a bedbug infestation and he constantly had to move his stuff for exterminators and health inspections. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)



I'm doing it. I'm getting an MBA. I'm taking ONE class right now (BA 6000 if you care) and I'm wondering about the other classes. I work full time, as a lot of us do - so I'm wondering if any of you have suggestions for class pairings. Which ones would be ok to take at the same time; which ones are time consuming and might need to be taken alone, etc.
The class I'm taking now is online - not my favorite format due to the forgetting it's there factor. Plus it's accounting - also not my favorite, so I'm glad I'm taking this class alone...

Anyway, suggestions please?


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Has anyone else not recieved their student loan refund yet? They have not posted an A/R refund to my account yet. Normally I wouldn't be so concerned, but they still have some of my verification paperwork listed as being processed and it has been that way for several months. I tried inquiring about it several times, but they never tell me anything.

ECO 2010/CLA 2000

Hi everyone! I'm going to be taking ECO 2010 and was wondering about the book I need to buy for this class. Is there any difference between Principles of Economics (Mankiw) 4th Edition and 3rd Edition? I have to get the former, but I'm wondering if I can save a little money by getting the older edition instead.

Have you taken this class? Did you like it?

Also, has anyone taken Greek Mythology (CLA 2000)? How did you like it? I didn't see a book needed for this class, do you have to buy anything special?

Hazelton Piano for sale

"One of America's oldest and most famous pianos, established in 1849, thus being one of the pioneers' piano industries of reliability and distinction. It is a well-known fact that pianos originally built by this house are still in good condition musically. They make a full line, including player pianos and grands and also install the renowned Welte-Mignon, under Welte-Mignon patents in both uprights and grands. Hazelton grands are famous throughout large clienteles of musical critics. " (

This is a 4.5 ft baby grand piano made by Hazelton Brothers.
Polished Mahogany
Mint Condition
Recently Purchased (2006)
Humidifier Installed
Excellent compact baby grand with high quality sound
Serial Number: IJOKG0147
Model Number: HB-140D

Asking Price: $6000

Please contact for more information:
(248) 990-3791 or
(pictures available by request)

(yes I know this community isn't just for selling things but i'm trying to move into chatsworth and I need money!!!)
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Selling Textbooks!

Hi everyone! I'm going into my senior year of engineering at wayne and over my years here, I've accumulated quite a few text books that the book stores wouldn't buy back (fuck new editions)

We all know new editions are barely different from the old ones so please consider taking some of these books off my hands. They're all in perfect condition!

I'm selling them at half price or lower than the current editions in the book stores:

Fundamentals of Differential Equations: 6th edition: Nagle Saff Snider (used in MAT2150): my price: $40 (in stores for $102
Student Solutions manual for Fundamentals of Differential Equations: $15

Fundamentals of Physics: 7th edition: halliday resnick walker (used in PHY2170,PHY2175,PHY2180,PHY2185): my price: $60 (in stores for $150

Calculus: 5th edition: James Stewart (used in MAT2010, MAT2020, MAT2030): my price: $75 (in stores for $171
Solution Manual for the calc 1 and 2 portions of the book: $10
Solution Manual for the calc 3 portion of the book : $5

Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering: Second edition: William Callister (used in BE1300): my price: $50 (in stores for $147

Digital Design: fourth edition**THIS IS THE CURRENT EDITION**: Mano Ciletti (used in ECE3610): my price: $60 (in stores for $127

If you are interested in any of the books above or have any questions, feel free to email me at
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SPA 1010 thru 2010 books for sale

I recently completed my three semesters of spanish here at WSU and am looking to sell my books.

I have the Impressions text book in good condition, yes it has writing in it, but is almost all in pencil

I also have the student activities manual (SAM) in great condition, no pages are torn out and nothing is written on. I did all my assignments in a notebook so I could sell it back, but the store won't take it back.

Finally I have the answer key for the SAM also in good condition.

If you're interested contact me at: and we can negotiate a price lower than what you'd get at the book store.


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-21 going on 22 (5/5)
-Criminal Justice major. senior.
-African American
-Goal oriented.

I would love to recieve comments on my blog in the near future. I love to write about life experiences, however, Im mostly interested in conversing with individuals who are 21 and up. Everyone is welcome. xoxo

Grad tickets

I meant to post this a while ago, so the last entry was a reminder. I also am looking for extra Graduation tickets for the Thursday May 7th grad at 3pm. So if anyone has any extra please let me know. Thanks!