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Hazelton Piano for sale

"One of America's oldest and most famous pianos, established in 1849, thus being one of the pioneers' piano industries of reliability and distinction. It is a well-known fact that pianos originally built by this house are still in good condition musically. They make a full line, including player pianos and grands and also install the renowned Welte-Mignon, under Welte-Mignon patents in both uprights and grands. Hazelton grands are famous throughout large clienteles of musical critics. " (

This is a 4.5 ft baby grand piano made by Hazelton Brothers.
Polished Mahogany
Mint Condition
Recently Purchased (2006)
Humidifier Installed
Excellent compact baby grand with high quality sound
Serial Number: IJOKG0147
Model Number: HB-140D

Asking Price: $6000

Please contact for more information:
(248) 990-3791 or
(pictures available by request)

(yes I know this community isn't just for selling things but i'm trying to move into chatsworth and I need money!!!)
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