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Selling Textbooks!

Hi everyone! I'm going into my senior year of engineering at wayne and over my years here, I've accumulated quite a few text books that the book stores wouldn't buy back (fuck new editions)

We all know new editions are barely different from the old ones so please consider taking some of these books off my hands. They're all in perfect condition!

I'm selling them at half price or lower than the current editions in the book stores:

Fundamentals of Differential Equations: 6th edition: Nagle Saff Snider (used in MAT2150): my price: $40 (in stores for $102
Student Solutions manual for Fundamentals of Differential Equations: $15

Fundamentals of Physics: 7th edition: halliday resnick walker (used in PHY2170,PHY2175,PHY2180,PHY2185): my price: $60 (in stores for $150

Calculus: 5th edition: James Stewart (used in MAT2010, MAT2020, MAT2030): my price: $75 (in stores for $171
Solution Manual for the calc 1 and 2 portions of the book: $10
Solution Manual for the calc 3 portion of the book : $5

Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering: Second edition: William Callister (used in BE1300): my price: $50 (in stores for $147

Digital Design: fourth edition**THIS IS THE CURRENT EDITION**: Mano Ciletti (used in ECE3610): my price: $60 (in stores for $127

If you are interested in any of the books above or have any questions, feel free to email me at
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